Welcome to the new landing site of R-Ladies London, Ontario!

The R-Ladies London, Ontario chapter (aka R-Ladies #LdnOnt) has been in operation since January 2017. Check out this post to learn more about how we got started and where we are now. This site will serve as a central landing point for anyone wishing to know more about us or access our materials.

What is this R-Ladies you speak of?

R-Ladies is a world-wide organization to promote gender diversity in the R community. R is a powerful (and free!) software system for statistical analysis, data visualization and graphics, and a toooonnnnnn more. It has a huge beautiful and helpful community, but can be a bit tricky to learn on your own. That’s where R-Ladies comes in.

Our group hosts monthly-ish meet ups that feature workshops and tutorials on various topics related to R. Topics in the past have included learning to make plots, R for SPSS users, R in Industry, and a ton more. Check out our past meet ups here.


  • Do I need to be an R expert? No! While some familiarity helps, all levels are welcome! If you want to follow along, come with your laptop and have R and RStudio installed.
  • I already know R, what’s in it for me? Awesome! Come join a community of individuals interested in STEM research, meet new pals, learn new skills or sharpen old ones, or talk to us about leading a workshop on a topic you’re passionate about!
  • I don’t identify as a lady, but I still want to learn R - can I join? Yes! While we prioritize underrepresented genders in leadership positions (including but not limited to cis/trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, agender), our general membership is fully inclusive.
  • I’m interested in leading a workshop! How to I get in touch? Great! You don’t even need to be a full fledged “expert” to lead a workshop… this is a group for skill swapping. If you’re interested, send us an email.

Important links

RSVP for upcoming events

  • Meet Up: Where all our events are posted
    • NB: do please RSVP, as it helps us estimate how many chairs to set up!

Social media


Previous workshop materials

  • All previous workshop materials are now available on GitHub and Google Drive
  • Note that if you are using the GitHub links, you must download the entire repository (the green “Clone or download” button in the top right) in order to access the files.
  • If you are a GitHub user, you can pull new additions to keep current
  • If you are not a GitHub user, you’ll still be able to access the files by downloading the whole repository. You can directly download the individual presentations from Google Drive instead.